Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Waiting for a Ride

We are packed and ready to come home. Just waiting for our bus to arrive to transport us to the airport. It will be goodbye to Hotel Rio Lancaster and looking forward to hello Lancaster tomorrow around noon.

We gave Marjorie a fraktur in appreciation for her help throughout this trip.

Thank you Marcy

On the flight home from South Africa three years ago I had asked Marcy if she would do another international Campus Chorale trip. Marcy's response was that she would love to share Brazil with her students. At Mennonite World Conference in 2015 we were blessed to make connections with Mennonites from Brazil and Paraguay who invited us to their communities. And so here we are, at the end of a wonderful journey through two beautiful countries and having been blessed by the people who live here.

The students have found new meaning and power in the ability of music to connect them to one another and to God, the creator and artist of the universe. Thank you Marcy for leading this group of young singers in this musical journey to better understand themselves, their passion for music, their connections to one another and the broader community, and their faith in a loving God.

Host Families - Thank you so much!

"I have been very humbled by this trip as it has been somewhat challenging to communicate with host families. However, God has taught me to observe more carefully and appreciate more deeply." (Seth W.)

Students have been overwhelmed by the hospitality of their host families. Last evening we met as a group to process what they have learned from the trip. Over and over students shared of their experiences with host families in Curitiba, Campo 9, and Recife. Students were sincerely touched by the care and love they have felt from "strangers" who have taken them into their homes. They have been fed, not just Brazilian and Paraguayan cuisine, but fed love as they were adopted into the families that hosted them. The students have been blessed by a hospitality that went beyond food and shelter to hugs, love and acceptance. It has been a wonderful experience for Campus Chorale.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sunset over Rio

"I don't think I really grasped the powerfulness of music fully before this trip. I recognized that it can put me in a good mood, but I didn't realize the fullest extent that music can really connect worlds and communicate in ways that speaking cannot." (Alexandra B.)

"This trip has made me appreciate how music can be a global language. Even though the people might not know what we are singing, they can still connect with us through music." (Jeremy N.)

God is Near

LMS Campus Chorale performing "God is Near" at SugarLoaf Mtn at sunset over Rio de Janeiro.

Esto Les Digo

Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am.  Campus Chorale performs Esto Les Digo at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The music was very much appreciated by the other tourists.

Marjorie Macieira

We are extremely grateful to Marjorie for her help in planning this trip. Marjorie and Marcy's friendship began when they were children in Brazil. Marjorie understood our priority of having our students connect with host families in meaningful ways in Brazil and Paraguay. Throughout the trip students have expressed their appreciation for the hospitality of host families.

So Marjorie, thank you for handling many of the details for us and helping us to make those connections.